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So, hey, Calculon, I know I’m the new guy, and, pardon my ignorance, but when do we kill all humans? Never. But what about our motto? Doesn’t it mean anything? Oh, Bender, your idealism is heartwarming. hasn’t killed a human in over 800 years. And that was a very sick girl scout. Quite sick indeed. Sweet, innocent Bender. WERNSTROM. I declare my impenetrable diamondillium sphere complete! Now look here, Wernstrom. You’re making it sound as if the sphere was your idea when we both know.

Oh, I really appreciate that, Mr. Mayor’s Aide. Here you go. Compliments of the house. Wow! Free bread at a restaurant! ls there anything you can’t do? I can’t fail the mayor. Not ever. Oh, jeez, I better not let Leela see me. Hey, I hear Fry. Boy, am I glad you’re here. You are? Things aren’t working out with what’s-his-name? Actually, they are. Confidentially, I might not make it back to my apartment tonight. Could you walk Nibbler for me? And bring a baggie, in case he drops a steamer.

But a kangaroo boxing a robot? Now I’m afraid you’ve lost me. Citizen Snips! Nice job, Fingers. I’m scared and confused. I think we wandered into an off-Broadway play. No, there are way too many people here. Later, if anyone asks when I got away, tell them right now! Forget it, Zookeeper. You’re going into captivity! Fool! A quip about putting me behind bars would have been far more delicious! Here, catch! No, Fry! You can’t fall fast enough! I don’t got it! You saved the Gemerald! Yet the Zookeeper escaped, thus proving that the deadliest animal of all.

I’m blind! But Momon has one weakness. She put too much of her power into this. The generalissimo of dice. Yeah? Well, bite my shiny metal face. Don’t be foolish, Titanius. If you had paid attention in freshman alchemy, instead of frequenting the bawdyhouse, you’d know there’s only one way to destroy it. In the boiling plastic from which it was molded. Like that machine that makes wax lions at the zoo. We must infiltrate the Geysers of Gygax, the impenetrable stronghold of Momon. No, Titanius.

I’m a horrible robot! Kill all humans! He’s having a heart attack! They’ll find a cure in the future. We have a cure now! Good. Then you won’t mind Nothing like a power nap. Oh, flies, flies and gorillas! That probulator sure knows how to please a man! So, what’s for lunch? I ordered a pizza. Pizza delivery for… I. C. Wiener. Very funny. Now cough up the $12.95. After half an hour, it’s free. It’s only been 23 minutes. Well, I’ve got 33 minutes. It’s only been 23 minutes, you dumb cannoli! You got a problem, I can take him.